Kateryna Buriakovska

Kateryna Buriakovska

Postdoc Researcher

Research Project on OECD Case Law
Chair for Public Law and Public International Law

Raum: Raum Raum 00.281
Wetterkreuz 15
91058 Erlangen


Kateryna Buriakovska is a legal professor from Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University based in Ukraine. Since 2015 she is holding the PhD in legal sciences (the title of her PhD thesis is ‘Reflection of the principle of reasonableness in law-making and law-enforcement’). As an academic teacher Kateryna is delivering lectures and practical sessions on Human Rights, the Rule of Law, Transitional Justice, Legal Writing. In July 2022 she gave a public lectureship for legal students in the FAU on human rights and human security challenges during the war in Ukraine.

Since 2016 Kateryna has been deeply involved in different BHR focused projects. Being an expert to International Lab on Business and Human Rights in Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, she has contributed to different activities on introducing business and human rights in curriculum and promoting BHR issues in Ukraine.

In addition to contributing to common goals of the current Project Kateryna seeks to concretise corporate responsibility for human rights in situations of armed conflict and post-conflict peacebuilding.


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Teaching and Presentations

Courses on Theory of Law, the Rule of Law, Transitional Justice, Legal Writing in Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Series of public lectures: ‚War in Ukraine: Human Rights/Human Security Challenges‘, the FAU, Juridicum, July 2022

Presentation ‚Business and Human Rights Education‘, International Legal Forum in Kharkiv, 2021

Presentation ‚Transitional Justice for Ukraine: rethinking the framework after 24 February 2022‘, International Roundtable ‚Law and World. Peace and Law‘ (Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, Ukraine, 17 June 2022)

Presentation ‚Universal jurisdiction in cases of corporate criminal responsibility for international crimes: in search of solidarity‘, Kharkiv International Legal Forum  2022